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For Telephone Bookings:  049 432 3498  1 Newcourt Shopping Centre,  Church Street, Cavan, H12 DC61  (Opposite Dunnes Stores Food Hall)

Our story is quite simple really.

We are a team of local highly passionate and skilled barbers & male stylists who are on a mission to change men’s opinions to traditional barbering.

For years men have had to endure waiting in long queues, in smoke filled salons as the barber flies his way through each customer waiting on the bench behind him, forming an impromptu conveyor belt system of “Next!” chants every ten minutes or so.

This was great while it lasted, it was a real social get together where men could catch up on the local business as they lounged around on their Saturday morning off.  There is one huge problem with this though… time changes.

We live in an era where news is instant.  Local news is also instantaneous, sometimes being reported before it’s even happened! But that is for another story!  We live in a world of social media, where everyone is in constant contact with everyone else in their circle of importance.  So, the need for the social get together of the traditional barber shop is no longer viable.

Another thing to take into consideration is the long queue…

We offer a fast, efficient and easy online booking system that will ensure that you are seen to as soon as you walk in the door.  No fuss, no waiting and straight to the chair.

Our passion is styling and cutting men’s hair, traditional shaving - just like the old days and not the current Turkish experience, and creating styles that are tailored to suit every single client.

We factor into each style the shape of your head, the shape of your face, the type of hair you have, all influencing factors and also what your work and social life are.  This enables us to create a shape and style that is unique to you.  It’s great to get a fresh fade, but it’s even better when your stylist knows exactly where to place it!

All our team are local, are highly trained in all areas of barbering and male grooming, they carry full qualifications to a minimum of Level 2 Diploma and are continuously up-skilling in new trends and techniques.  We think we are the best choice for you.

Why not give us a call or use the links to book now?  We’d love to see you in our salon.